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Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Bandit Pack DLC Codes Free Download



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  1. I cant download. It only sends me to a website that i can do nothing on

  2. James Alexander

    Pressing the link for the download, I am taken to a page about PSN Downloads. What am I doing wrong? Great site btw.

  3. Umm.. excuse me. when i press the the download button, it brings me to the freaking howtoindex. why is it doing that?

  4. im having trouble getting to the survey page if you can will you please leave a comment on how to get there

  5. how do i complete the survey and get the code is my question

  6. how can i download it

  7. when i press download it sends me to another site How to redem codes but it doesnt download what do i do

  8. Is this possible to do on a Mac

  9. Download link sends me to different page. Why can’t I download? Is it because I’m on Mac?

  10. Alexander J. Adams

    I think your download button is not working….. it just sends me to a site on how to put in codes for the ps3.

  11. Jesse Frederick

    Can someone email me a krieg the psycho xbox 360 code please
    I dont have a computer and i cant get it on my phone

    Someone please help me

  12. can some one please make a code for me i cant get past the surveys pleaseeeee

  13. can someone send me a working code i cant get it to download

  14. PS3 code emailed please?

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