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Borderlands 2: Mechromancer DLC Codes FREE Download

The Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Character Class DLC Has Been Released It Contains: The All NEW Mechromancer Character Class Which extends the Total number of classes to 5, A Small Cyborg Girl with the Ability to Control a Small army!
Get The Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Character Class DLC Code Generator Here

Step 1: Hit the Download Button Below
Step 2: Note We Offer a Limited Download of 2000 Only, This is to stop the Over-Saturation of Non-Legit Redeeming Gamers and to Keep our Cloaks under the Radar, In Order to Prevent Mass Bot Downloads We Have Implemented a Secure Gateway to Unlock our Downloads, Prove you are Human by completing a Short Survey and Your Download Will Begin!
Step 3: Save File to Desktop and Open
Step 4: Hit “XBOX”, “PS3″ or “PC” At the Bottom of the Generator, Copy down your DLC Code
Step 5: Head To the Xbox Marketplace, PSN Store, Steam or Origin and Redeem your DLC Code!

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  1. Hey, when i click “Download” it just leads me to a HOW TO website..

  2. I don’t understand.. I came yesterday but the site was unavailable. And now when I want to download I fall on various article and no link available for code generator while the dlc comes out a few days ago

  3. and tried to download the generator but I could not no other way to download it is a direct download server not to do so beyond anything like mediafire, mega, hotfile 4share what not to do many things beyond

  4. Click the picture guys not the button. yes its stupid but it leads to the file

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